Friday, March 15, 2019

Copic vs Spectrum Noir with Tiddly Inks Camellia Digital Stamp

Hey folks!

Art and craft supplies are expensive. We want it all, but we don't really want to have to rob a bank to enjoy some crafty time. I mean it's one thing dispose of the evidence of your recent purchases, but I feel jail time may be a lil bit tougher to explain. Maybe not.

Either way some of us can't have it all. Some of us shouldn't and some of us don't want it. So what to do? 

In today's video I am comparing the Copic Sketch Marker to the Colouring System line from Spectrum Noir. I wanted to give you a fairly comprehensive look at both of these side by side. I strongly feel that it's not how much you buy, it's what you buy. "Cheaper" isn't always the answer. Smarter works every time.

You can watch the video on how I made my cards HEREYou can also click the thumbnail link below.

I tried to cover as much ground as possible in the VIDEO folks. I feel there a lot of variables to consider in alcohol markers. The quality of ink, the type of paper that you use, and your technique can all play a factor in your finished work. What I didn't talk about in the VIDEO is cost.

When shopping for supplies folks, I strongly encourage you to compare quality over cost. That's not to say all more expensive supplies are alway better, but the majority of the time my marketing professor was right. Cheap is a reference to quality. Inexpensive is a reference to cost. 

He'd be pretty stoked to know that I was in fact paying attention in class. I digress.

I really want you folks to understand that I am a huge COPIC fan. I truly feel they are the superior product. However, I'm going to give you full disclosure. I want you to make up your own mind. Even if I don't agree!

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STOP! Stop right here and go watch the VIDEO folks! I mean it. Go. I'm not going anywhere.

We good? Cool. The reason I wanted you to watch the video first is because I don't talk about cost at all. I talk about what each one has to offer. It's super important to start there. So now that you've seen what each one has to offer let's talk about the benjamin's.

I know that some folks have a severe case of Full Set Syndrome. Hey. No judgment here. I don't want to talk about how many ink pads I own. However. Let's say for the sake of this article that FSS isn't an issue though shall we?

In order for me to get a basic range of colors I would need to color:
  • 10 (60 markers) out of the 12 six packs from SPECTRUM NOIR. According to BLICK'S current prices:
    • $8.02 a six pack.
    •  $80.20 
That's not too shabby. Full retail is them is $15.99 ($160).

Then we'll need to replace the NIBS. Since I won't recommend any place I've never shopped, let's take a look at AMAZON
  • We need 20 packages of those bad boys. 
    • $10.30 a 3 pack with Prime. 
    • $206.00 

Markers and nibs and we have a grand total of $286.00.

If you can find the nibs elsewhere at a better cost after shipping that's great! I have seen them as low as $4.20. So, $84.00.

In order for me to get a basic range of colors that I would need to color in Copic's, I only need to by 42 of them. For real. Check out Vanilla Arts GREAT MARKER CHALLENGE. Amy will tell you all about it. She can even prove it.

So we're back at BLICK and their current price on COPIC is:
  •  $5.85 a marker. 
    • We don't need to buy nibs because as I showed you in the VIDEO they already have a brush nib. 
    • $246.00. 
I've found that you can find them for as low as $4.79. Sooo what is that? $202.00 In that case that would beat SPECTRUM NOIR prices.

Yes, I know with SPECTRUM NOIR, you'll get more markers. It's true. That's great! The point I'm trying to make here folks is, you don't need a ton of markers to make fabulous work. You. Do. Not. That alone saves money and gets you closer to higher quality. If I "only" need 42 COPIC'S and I feel they're a better product, then that's where my money is gonna go.

At the end of the day, I want you folks to decide for yourself. I can't tell you where or how to spend your monies. 

Will I buy Spectrum Noir again? No. I personally have several detractors when it comes to SPECTRUM NOIR.
  • The shape of the barrel.
    • Too fat and uncomfortable for my baby hands.
  • I have to buy separate nibs.
  • The size of the brush nib.
    • Too big. It felt really hard for me to control.
    • Not the right balance of spring that the COPIC Super Brush has.
  • Color shifting.
    • Did you watch the VIDEO?
  •  Refills. 
    • I don't want to store the dropper. Also I'm still curious what happens to that ink in there when it dries?
    • I don't want to store the larger round bottle.
    • I struggled to get the lid off.
    • I don't like the lid. Did you watch the VIDEO?
  • Colors.
    • Some of them are groovy. Others not so much.
    • I like choosing my own colors. I don't want someone else to do it for me.

So there you have it folks! I think I've cover just about everything! Leave me a comment below and tell me which of these you prefer!

I hope you enjoyed my project today! DISCOVER more projects on my Youtube Channel. Do be sure to subscribe if you haven't and also tap that notification bell so you don't miss any future videos. As always Thanks So Much for stopping by!

Until next time.

If you're interested in any of the products I've used, I have links (some affiliate links) throughout and at the end of the post. Click HERE to read my full disclosure policy.

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