Thursday, October 4, 2018

World Card Making Day - Catherine Pooler Designs + Amber's World Fundraiser

Hey folks!

In today's video I'm doing some Copic Coloring on a very special stamp set for Catherine Pooler Designs! This stamp set is called Amber's World and it's very dear to Catherine and the Team. So in light of that here is a message from Catherine...

***AMBER'S WORLD was created by Amber Shaw, a talented illustrator in the Catherine Pooler Designs family. Shortly after completing her floral world, Amber, her husband and son lost their lives in a tragic house fire. We will be donating a portion of the proceeds from the sales of this stamp set to Amber's surviving daughter throughout the month of October 2018. We are honored to keep Amber's creative spirit alive.***

You can also donate directly to the The Shaw Family GOFUNDME page as well.

Also be sure to join Catherine and the Creative Team this weekend folks! They will be sharing loads of inspiration all weekend long for World Card Making Day! IT will be loads of fun!

You can watch the video on how I made my cards HEREYou can also click the thumbnail link below.

Before I stamped anything on my Catherine Pooler WHITE Cardstock panel, I lightly traced a line with a pencil 1/2" from the right hand side and the 1/2" up from the bottom. I needed to make sure that I was giving myself a wee bit of white space, but I also wanted to give myself a clean line for ink blending.

I stamped the globe with Catherine Pooler MIDNIGHT Ink. This ink great for Copic Coloring.

Catherine Pooler MIDNIGHT Ink is super black, which is awesome, however I wanted to add a little bit of detail to the globe stand. To do this, I used my colored pencils. Be sure to watch the VIDEO folks. I walk you through the process there.

After I had all of the coloring done, I masked off the globe, the right side of the panel and the bottom and ink blended it with Catherine Pooler IT'S A BOY Ink. My BLENDING Foam was brand spaniking new, so on the left hand side of the globe, I had streaks.

To fix this, I used a dried out baby wipe, wrapped a portion around my pointer finger and dabbed it on a pad of white pigment ink. Then I dabbed that on my card panel over the streaks. The idea is to diffuse the streaks. You don't want to go too heavy and you're not trying to cover them completely! Just a wee bit will do.

To finish off my card, I stamped a sentiment from the set in MIDNIGHT Ink and adhered it to a top folding note card that I made out of Catherine Pooler WHITE Cardstock. 

That's it!

Do be sure to  show some love for the AMBER'S WORLD Stamp Set folks or donate directly to The Shaw Family GOFUNDME.

I hope you enjoyed my project today! DISCOVER more projects on my Youtube Channel. Do be sure to subscribe if you haven't and also tap that notification bell so you don't miss any future videos. As always Thanks So Much for stopping by!

Until next time.

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