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Thank you's plus a new SVG Cuts Kit!

We got married 2 weeks ago. It was beautiful! I absolutely believe all that's important when a couple gets married is that moment you get to share with each other. Nothing else should matter. For lack of a better way to say it, as long as you get what you came for, everything else is trivial. Right? Right. Our sandwiches were soggy on the bottom during the reception and there was a bee hovering in my husbands face during the ceremony, but it was perfect anyway! That being said, what a great feeling to look up and look around and see the people you've invited truly enjoying themselves. We both feel very blessed. 

Oh and the Lanterns and S'more Boxes were a hit! I knew everyone would take their S'more Boxes with them (as they were the wedding favors), but I really hoped I could farm out the Lanterns too! Seriously, what would I do with 10 paper lanterns in our house? "Look Baby, we got married and 10 paper lanterns!" No? I didn't need to do ANY farming. Everyone loved them and were happy to take them. Insert sigh of relief here....

SVG Cuts launched a new kit a lil over a week ago. I know I sound like a broken record, but this kit is off the hook! It's called the Parkside Row SVG Kit. If you haven't already, checking it out is a must, and buying the kit should be a certainty. It's fabulous! I made the house (twice) and the 2 cards, so I'll talk more about those below. Also, everything in this post is from SVG Cuts, unless otherwise noted.

It's free, for a limited time, with a minimum purchase of $9.98! 

Parkside Row SVG Kit 

One of the cool things about the hall we rented for our wedding/reception was they gave us tons of time for set up, the wedding and clean up. When it was all over, my plan was to just leave everything for the night and I would go back the next day and clean up. I knew there wouldn't be a lot to do, so no big. So one minute we're standing there talking about calling it a night and the next everyone that was left started packing everything up! By the time that was done the only thing left for my husband and I to do was vacuum. We both agreed that was the best wedding present ever! I wanted to make thank you's for everyone who attended as well as for those who helped get things set up, but after that I had to do something special for the peeps that helped make the end so much easier. 

So this is what I did...

My Mom - My Mom has collected apples for ages. I actually bought this kit awhile ago to make this for my Mom specifically. It's the Apple from Miss Baker's Classroom SVG Kit. Super easy to put together and I think the possibilities are endless for decorating it! In the interest of time, I kept it simple. My Mom said she liked it that way anyway.
My Gram - Awhile back Ilda Dias created this. I think it's beautiful in it's simplicity and soo easy to make! The back is the letter "T" from the 3D Letters SVG Kit. The Iron Cross is from the Christian Elements SVG Colecction. Like Ilda, I did and external offset on the cross, but I brought mine out a lil bit further than she did. My Gram loved it. Thanks again Ilda!
For those who attended - I made four of these. the box, flowers and tag are the Floral Box Card from the Box Cards SVG Kit. I wanted it to look like the baskets from the wedding. After I cut off the tabs on the perforated lines, I took the handle insert and the panel for the handle from the Strawberry Basket Box Card (same kit) and added that to the back the second insert.
I know it would be a lot easier to just stamp or write on the back panel, but I like it a lot better making a card to go behind it instead.
First I take the back panel and do an internal offset (the piece in green). I kinda eyeball it so I don't know how much. I then take that internal offset and do another (the cream color piece). The top (cream) is cut out using print and cut. Then I cut out a half circle in the main panel piece so the ribbon has a place to go. Easy Peasy. 
The photographer - This is the Instant Camera Box Card from the new kit Parkside Row SVG Kit. I think it takes the idea of a box card to a whole other level! I made this for the photographer we used for the wedding. Her name is Dawn Alicia and I just love her! She's done pictures for the girls and I a couple of times before, so it was a no brainer that I wanted her to do our wedding. 
My Mother and Father-In-Law - This is the Lace Handkerchief Card also from the new Parkside Row SVG Kit. There are literally 4 pieces to this card. Unless you want to add more to it, as you can see, it couldn't be easier. I made this for my  husband's parents. This was a thank you card for the gift we received from them.
My Sister-In-Law - This is the Lush Flowers file from the Bicycle Built for Two SVG Collection. My SIL has a very limited amount of space, so as much as I would have liked to make something more for her, I thought it was best to stick with a card. This was her thank you card for the gift we received from her. 
My lil cousin - This is the Playful Box from the Ryan's Play Date SVG Kit. I really enjoyed making this, not only because I ADORE my cousin (he's 6 years old), but also because it looks like a lot more goes into it than what there really is. This lil guy was such a huge help when everyone started cleaning up! In fact he is the only one of the kids I made something specific for. All of the kids did great, but he was the youngest and he was totally on top of getting things done!
The tag is from the Name Decor file, also in the Ryan's Play Date SVG Kit. I needed a tag for his box. In the Name Decor file, I used the back piece for the short box (as the letter "G" is a short letter) and the G top and G bottom. 
My Grandma - This is the Victorian Row House from the Parkside Row SVG Kit. It looks really intimidating at first, but SVG Cuts always does such a great job on their video tutorial you can see how easy it is! I made this for my other Grandma. I wanted to do something extra special for her, because I never get to do anything for her. She hasn't received this yet (and I really hope she doesn't check out my blog), but I know she'll love it!
Side view 
I really can't pick just one thing I love the most about this house! The porch, the balcony, the garage, the list could go on....
My Aunt - My Aunt is someone else I don't het to do much for, so I had to make a house for her too! 
I didn't like how the white looked with the paper I wanted to use. I wasn't willing to change the patterned paper, so I used a cream color instead. 
Side view. 
Look at that porch! Am I the only one who thinks a porch on a paper house is the cooler thing ever? For some reason I had the idea of a red porch stuck in my head. So red porch it was!
Front view of the door and porch.
I really really want to make more of these!
My Friend - This is the Lantern from the Stars and Stripes SVG Kit. The lanterns were so popular that there was only one person who wanted one, but didn't get one. It bummed me out too, because she picked up the food for us and brought it to the hall before the wedding. I really wanted to make sure she got one. So when I found out she didn't, I made up my mind I was going to make one for her. I think it worked out anyway, cause then I could make one more in her style. The Butterfly is in the Butterfly Gift Bag file from the High Skies SVG Kit
My Daughter's friend - This is the Desktop Jar from Happy Trails SVG Kit. Another easy one to put together! I probably spent more time trying to get purples to match than actually putting it together. The "E" is just a font I chose from my computer and the tag is the Writing Space out the Floral Box Card file in the Box Cards SVG Kit. I did an internal offset on it so I could layer it. My daughter's best friend managed the music for us during the ceremony and was a big help cleaning up. 
My Friend's Husband - This is the Guitar from the Vintage Valentine's SVG Kit. He loves guitars, so I knew this was the thank you for him. He was a big help setting up!  I wouldn't put this in the easy category. However, if you take your time and exercise some patience it's totally worth it. The letter "R" is a font I chose from my computer. I welded it onto a flourish design I downloaded from the Silhouette Store by Miss Kate Cuttables
My Brother and his Girlfriend - This is the 3D Champagne Bottle from the New Year's Eve SVG Kit.  I feel like I should have done something else with this. I can't quite figure out what. So I think I better leave it as is. The Label is in the Extras folder in the Toil and Trouble SVG Kit. Both of their names start with the letter "K" so I did a print and cut using the same fonts I used on our wedding invitations. 
My Dad and Step-Mom - One of the things that will stick out in my mind forever, was my Dad walking me down the isle and giving me away. I didn't get that with my fist marriage, and it was even more important to me (actually to us both) that he could be here to do it this time. A friend took a picture on their phone of us. I had just given him a huge kiss on the cheek and was wiping lip gloss off his face. We were both smiling at each other. I saw that and I sobbed. I'm getting teary eyed now, just writing about it. So moving on...I don't think this is as spectacular as what I could have done, but my Step-Mom makes amazing home-made liqueurs and I thought they would enjoy this. This is the same as above obviously aside from the colors and letters. 
My MaLinda - It would be wrong to just call her my best friend, or my sister. She is both of those things and more to me. She is most certainly one of my oldest friends. Simply put, she is MaLinda. We live less than 20 miles from each other and we never get to see each other. Sad really. Her and her kids were also a hug help getting cleaned up. Considering she has 4 kids, I decided to do one thing for all of them. I decided on the Hot Air Balloon from the High Skies SVG Kit. This will, I'm sure, make them all smile every time they look at it. 
Closer shot of the balloon. 
I needed a tag for the balloon, and I was really tired of cutting out circles. I have eyeballed the Anchor Card in the High Skies SVG Kit ever since I got it. I thought it'd be really cool to turn it into a tag. I reduced the file to 50% and cut it all out as it should be for a standard card. The only thing I did different is I glued to the 2 front fold on the card base closed and the assembled it as usual. I stamped the front and signed the back. Done! I don't know how I feel about it hanging off the bottom of the balloon, but it's done anyway...

 I made one other box card. I can't share it though. I'm pretty sure they haven't seen it yet. The mail says it's been delivered, but since this was 4th of July weekend, I'm pretty sure they haven't checked their mail. No worries! **UPDATE: She received her card! Check it out here.** Otherwise, that's everything folks.  It was a lot to be sure, but I'm really happy I did them! I wish I could have really taken the time and done more with some. I knew if I didn't get them done now, I would never get them done.

What to do next...?

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  1. WOW! You have been a busy girl! Planning a wedding and then creating all these special gifts, amazing! Congratulations on your Wedding and super awesome job with all your creations! LOVE them and so happy that I inspired you to make that cross for your Gram :)


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