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A baby, 2 graduations, 3 birthdays, and more!

SVG Cuts launched a new kit day before yesterday. It's called the Summer Box Cards SVG Kit. I haven't had the opportunity to buy it yet, but I sure want too! Cards usually aren't my thing. For me, I'd rather make something that's more along the lines of a gift than just a card. Now I understand in theory a handmade card is more than just a card, but they just never seem to quite reach that "card that's more of a gift than a card" feel I'm looking for. That being said these box cards come real close! They are great! 

Even better, they are FREE for a limited time with a minimum purchase of $9.98 so hurry up and go get it!

Summer Box Cards SVG Kit

All project are made using SVG Cuts files, unless otherwise noted.

A baby...
I had mentioned in my last post that I wished that I knew someone who was going to have a baby so I would have a reason to make something out of the Tiny Miracle SVG Kit. It just so happens that the next day I had a reason! Yay me!
I thought long and hard about buying diapers so I could make the Diaper Cake. I just couldn't quite bring myself to do it though. I have so much going on right now, I thought simple would be better. It's all good, because I really do love this bottle. Ridiculous easy to put together too! I didn't add anything outside of the kit besides the rhinestones and ribbon, but it still makes a statement. 

Two graduations....
My oldest daughter's best friend graduated from high school yesterday. Her twin sister obviously graduated as well. I love these girls to death and I am so proud of them both! One of the girls, her style is more "punk" and edgy. Her sister, definitely fits in the "goth" style. They are both driven and good kids. My daughter's friend was pretty easy to come up with something. Her sister though, that took some thinking. I love thinking outside the box, so this was a great challenge!
The letter is from the 3D Letter SVG Kit. This is only the second letter I've made and it was definitely tricky. I really dig this kit though. The 2 turquoise flowers are from Jaime Cripps. I've made these before (in fact they're left overs from another project). They are the Lisianthus and I downloaded them from Sillhouette. I didn't put the center in them, mainly because I couldn't remember what I had reduced the file to when I originally cut them out. The big purple flower is the Large Peony from Fleurette Bloom out of the Lush Flowers 3D SVG Collection.
I have made some interesting things before. Especially when I used to sew all of the time. I think however, this is probably at the top of my "Most Interesting Thing I've Made For A Specific Reason" list. It is hands down my favorite too!
My daughter's friend doesn't do traditional in anyway. In fact, graduating from high school is probably the most traditional thing she's ever done. So. What do you make for someone who has NO problem standing out in a crowd, but has still achieved a major accomplishment? Well, you make her a coffin of course! Except it can't be just any coffin, it has to stand out too! It's a coffin box. It's also a card. I used the Large Coffin Box file and the Bat from Elmhurst Hollow SVG Kit. The roses are some that I had made for another project awhile back and didn't use. They are from the Crush On You SVG Kit. The Skull is from the Catacomb Manor SVG Kit in the extras folder. The "J" is just a font I chose and I offset it. 
This is the side view of the box. I'm in love with the colors. She was too when I gave it to her. She said this was the best gift she had received! That makes me so happy! It's hard to see the black ribbon tab on the side of the box, but that's there so she could pull out the card. Hence card/gift. See below.
I took the bottom liner and cut it 3 times. One for the bottom inside like it's supposed to be. One for the bottom outside and one for the card. The one for the bottom outside I cut a little semi-circle in the side so the ribbon would fit and then I glued it onto the bottom on 3 sides and then only a 1/4 of the way up on the side that would have the ribbon. For the card I did an internal offset, so I could layer it as you see in the pic, but now that I look at it I did way too much. 

3 birthdays...
Both my step-son's birthdays (twins) are at the end of May. They were with their mom this year, so I had a lil bit of extra time to get my act together and make them something. As we are MAJOR hockey fans in our house, I did everything in our favorite teams. 
How cool is it to be able to make hats out of paper? The boys don't get terribly excited about most of my projects, but they were blown away by these. These are from the Fun and Games SVG Kit. They are so easy to make. In fact it took me longer to make the logos than it did the hats. 
While cards are not really my gig, there's something about the box card that I thoroughly enjoy. I think it's because you get the idea that it's meant to be a card, but the feel of a 3D project. I can see why they are so popular. This base is the Square Flaps Box Card from the Plain Box Card folder out of the Box Card SVG Kit. I cut the Chicago Blackhawks logo out of paper with my machine and reduced the size of the writing space file to 75% so it wouldn't take up so much space. Everything inside the card are stickers that I had picked up awhile back. I can't remember where I got them or the brand. Which is a bummer, because I need more of them! I used 3D pop dots to attach them to the tabs that are in the file.
This base is the Rounded Flaps Box Card from the Plain Box Card folder out of the Box Card SVG Kit. Again, I cut the L.A. Kings logo (can you tell we love the Kings?) out of paper and did everything else the same as the Blackhawks card. 
This base is also the Rounded Flaps Box Card from the Plain Box Card folder out of the Box Card SVG Kit. All of the elements inside, and the Lure on the front, are from the Forest Country SVG Collection. I really didn't have plan. I cut things out like a crazy lady, at different sizes, then just put the box together how I wanted it. The Pinecone in this collection my favorite! I made this for my Dad. My parents live in Alaska and have come down for our wedding. They came early enough that I could spend my Dad's birthday with him. Which was fabulous! I'm horrible about mailing things (anything), so I was really excited to make him a card and to actually be able to give it to him! You can't fold it up, but that's ok. 

And more...
I had mentioned in my last post that I was working on something from the Camp Firefly SVG Kit. My oldest daughter had an awards ceremony at school to attend and they are always in need of door prizes and items to raffle so I made couple of things for that. Then a friend of mine and her husband, contribute and attend the Hot Rod Lewie Rock Creek Rod Run every year. It's for those folks that love the old hot rods. I've never been, but I hear it's a blast! They're also always in need of raffle and door prizes, and the camper out of the Camp Firefly Kit is perfect!
The red camper is for the Hot Rod Lewie function and the light blue was for my daughter's school. I was going for the traditional colors of the original Shasta campers. I think I got pretty close. I put candy inside both boxes. By the way, my daughter's school raffled their's for $35.00. Not to shabby for a box made of paper...
I had a plan to do one of these for my Dad for Father's day. So I decided to cut 2 while I was at it, and also donate this to my daughter's school. As I said, they always need the extra funding for the academy program she attends, so everything helps. This is the Campfire Box, also from the Camp Firefly SVG Kit. I didn't put anything on the marshmallow, mainly because I couldn't think of anything. I literally sat with the deer in the headlights look on my face and thought about what I could do, but got nothin. I'm sure there's a lot I could have done, but nothing I liked. I like it blank anyway! I put candy in this as well. I didn't get to find out how much it was raffled for, but no worries. I was happy to help. 
This is the one I made for my Dad. 
I really struggled with what to do for Father's Day for my fiancé. He made a comment one time that he liked the diamond plate embossing that Mary did on her card, so I decided to do this for him. Besides he'll probably throttle me if I keep filling up our shelves with 3D projects for him. This is the Pop Up Card from the My Day With Dad SVG Kit. Kings colors are always a safe bet. However, I couldn't decided how I wanted to put it all together with the exception of the "diamond plate" panel, so I now have this card completely cut out in 4 colors. It's a good thing I can always use the elements for either another card (or 4) or use them for different projects! 
This is the inside view of the card. I can't wait until we can give it to him!

I made this Lighthouse a couple of day after the Seaside SVG Kit was launched. I just hadn't had the chance to take pictures of it. I based the colors off a picture I had seen of a lighthouse in North Carolina or South Carolina, I can't remember which. If I were to do it again (and I'd like to), I would definitely break out the embossing folders and ink. This was one of those "I have to make this, but I don't have time to go all out" projects.
I didn't think it would be a good idea to give the kiddos candles in S'more Boxes for our wedding.  So in staying with the summer/picnic theme I cut out the Watermelon Box from the Fruity Fiesta SVG Kit and put candy inside. I reduced the size by 50%.  They are so cute!
In my last post I shared these, but I wanted to post a pic of what they look like completed. There are 36 of them here. I could not be happier with how these turned out. I am so excited to be able to share them with our guests!
I had also said that I needed to come up with something letting people know they can't burn the candles inside the reception hall. When I was cutting out the Campfire Boxes from the Camp Firefly SVG Kit, it occurred to me that this would be perfect! I reduced the size to 80%. I needed them big enough that people could read the print, but small enough to fit into the box. 

I had made one of my girls the Ice Skate from the Winter Gazebo SVG Kit and the Lipstick Box from the Dress Shop SVG Kit for Easter. The loved how they turned out so much, I made them again, so they would have a matching set.
Ice Skate from Winter Gazebo SVG Kit.
Lipstick Box from Dress Shop SVG Kit.

I have no idea the amount of projects I've done the last couple of months. I can tell you that I've got through 3 cutting mats since I started planning our wedding in March though! I've had a lot of fun, but I'm definitely looking forward to making next project for something non-specific.

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