Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A good day for a wedding. Among other things.

So first things first, SVG Cuts launched a couple of new kits in the last couple of weeks. There is the Box Cards SVG Kit. As usual, it doesn't disappoint. These box cards are just too stinkin cute! I can't wait to make these. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna start with the Strawberry Basket Box Card for my Mom. She has these massive amounts of strawberries that grow in her flower bed, so I know she'll love this. 

Box Cards SVG Kit

Then a lil over a week ago, SVG Cuts launched the Tiny Miracle SVG Kit. I sure wish I knew someone who was going to have a baby, cause I really want to make that diaper cake! Oh well, I have it just in case I ever need it. Besides, I can always use different elements for different projects.

Tiny Miracle SVG Kit

The Tiny Miracle SVG Kit is free with a minimum purchase of $9.98 for a limited time so hurry up and get it!

Also, SVG Cuts is having a sale that runs until this Friday. It's 25% off your total purchase! Use MEMORIAL2014 at checkout.

So now for the part about it being a good day for a wedding...

Our wedding is on June 20th. I decided when I started planning it that I was not going to stress out over any of it! It's supposed to be an enjoyable experience, right? Right. So, my approach from the beginning has been keep it simple, keep it "us" and as soon as I get frustrated, let it go and move on to something else. It's proven to be a good approach. In fact, we still have 24 days left and I am done! Excuse me, while I pat myself on the back...

So keeping all that in mind, I wanted to do something laid back (we're talking shorts and flip flops). That lead me to thinking something along the lines of a picnic. Our favorite thing to do in the summer is go to the lake. So. When we do go to the lake everything we take is self contained. Easy to transport and easy to dispose. We're not the red gingham in a cozy lil park kinda people, so I decided to mix it up a bit. Although, I think a red gingham, rustic picnic themed kit would be great...hint, hint. Anyway, it's turned out to be a combination between a day at the lake and a picnic.

While I was browsing the internet, I came across the idea of doing mini s'mores. I've seen where people have done these for all sorts of occasions. I thought it was a great idea for wedding favors. Overall it's not very expensive to put together, because theoretically you could just put the whole kit in a clear bag or a simple box. In fact, I emailed Leo at SVG Cuts to find out if they would fit into the Sweet Treats Bags.  I just couldn't visualize it. He was kind enough to help me wrap my brain around it, but after I read his email I had a total "duh" moment! What would be better for a mini s'more kit than the s'more box from the Camp Firefly SVG Kit from SVG Cuts? I knew by doing that, it would make the cost go up, but hey, I'm a thrifty girl and coupons are a paper junkie's best friend. So that's what I did! 40 of them. Which sounds like a lot when you look at the pieces required to put them together, but I didn't do any embellishments outside of the ribbons to tie them closed and I modified the optional gift card holder that comes with the file (more on that later), so they went together pretty fast.

Someday I would like to make one and go all out on it, but really, the S'more Box speaks for itself no matter how "plain" it looks.
It's really hard to see in this picture, but the file comes with an optional gift card holder that just sits on the bottom of the box. I removed the tabs that would be used to hold a card, added our names and the date. I printed them out using the Print and Cut feature on my Silhouette Cameo and there you have it! Perfect wedding favor!
The only thing I have left to do is put a small note inside letting people know that they can't light the candle while in the reception hall. The hall we've rented was built in the 1800's and they have a pretty strict no open flame policy. I can't say that I blame them. I'm really excited for people to get these!
I posted pictures of these on my last post, but I wanted to post one with the LED votive in it.  Again, the lantern is from the Stars and Stripes SVG Kit from SVG Cuts. I think these were a lil bit trickier to put together than the S'more Boxes, but soo worth it. I made 10 of these and I really love how they turned out. These will set on the tables for centerpieces. I've done a couple of other things to go with them, but I'm waiting to get them set out on the tables before I take any pictures. 

We're not doing the traditional flower girl and ring bearer gig. Both of us have kids from previous marriages and it's very important to the both of us that we include our children. Our kids are older too, so I had to keep that in mind while making plans. My girls are 16 and 11 and his boys are 12. So how do you get a teenager and preteens to participate? In a perfect world, they would simply want to, because they love their parents and they desperately want to make us happy. Right? Except, let's face it, at the end of the day, they are just kids and this is a wedding not a hockey game, Call of Duty, or Minecraft. 

The girls were pretty easy. All they have to do is stand there and hold their flowers. The hardest part about that has been to convince my youngest daughter it's OK to look like a girl for a few hours. The tags are wooden discs I've had in my craft stash for who knows how long. I don't even remember where I got them. I stained them, then cut out the first letter of our names with my Cameo. I glued them on and sealed them with a sealer. The backside has a symbol that the girls and I used to use as a way of "communicating" with each other when it was just us 3. It's pretty personal so I won't post a pic of it, but I wanted the girls to have something that was just between us. 
The boys were a little bit trickier. Neither one of us picked expensive rings. We're really busy people and I am an accident waiting to happen. Usually. I can see me losing a diamond cleaning a toilet or something ridiculous like that. Seriously. That being said, expensive or no, losing our rings would be one of the few things that could make me turn into the Girl of All Girls and cry. Also, the boys would think I've lost my mind if I asked them to carry a pillow or something along those lines. Not to mention I really wanted them to have something personal like the girls do. How to get both boys from point A to point B, with our rings, with something just for them? Necklaces? Yes!

I've had these 2 dog tags sitting in my jewelry box for awhile and no clue what I was going to do with them. I thought it'd be cool to have them engraved with the boys' names. I tied my ring to one and his to another. I'm still kinda nervous...

I needed more of a traditional jewelry gift box that would hold a necklace so it doesn't get tangled. I probably could have modified something with SVG Cuts, but for the sake of time and simplicity I just used a file out of the Silhouette Online Store instead. Besides I have a subscription and I really should use it more often. This file is the Jewelry Gift Box by Rivka's Renditions. It's a really easy file and I highly recommend it!
I can't wait to see the boys in their necklaces! I really love how all of this has turned out!
This is what the boxes looked like closed. It's pretty cool that they tie. You could easily change how they look with different papers and ribbons too.

That's about all I'm going to post about our wedding for now. Like I said, pretty simple. 

I am gonna share a few things I've made the last couple of months, but haven't posted. They're all from SVG Cuts and if you don't own them, you should. :)

This is from the Mom's Garden Gifts SVG Kit.  I made this for my mother-in-law for her birthday in March. She loves to tend her flower beds, so we usually make a point of getting her a gift certificate from the nursery she likes. I thought it's be kinda cool to make the paper roses and stick one of the plastic card holders in it to hold her gift certificate. It worked great!

This lil girl is from the Bunny Hop SVG Kit. I had made a white one for my niece, but I never did take a picture of it. I totally slacked off on that, but I made sure I got a pic of this one. Even though it was just using my phone. I made this for my daughter's best friend. She loooves purple! Horrible picture. Cute bunny.

I really should have put something next to this when I took the picture. It's hard to tell how big it is without perspective. This is the Lipstick Box from the Dress Shop SVG Kit. I blew it up to 150%. It is a BIG tube o' lipstick. I made it for my oldest daughter for Easter and I wanted it to be big enough she could put whatever she wanted in it. I've made this before at regular size, but making it bigger was soo much fun!

I made this for my youngest daughter for Easter. She wants to learn how to figure skate. I told her this next season we'd make sure she started, but in the mean time I made this for her. This is from the Winter Gazebo SVG Kit. It takes some patience to do, but so worth it! I'm trying to figure out how to turn it into a hockey skate. It's too cool. 

I'm working on a couple of things right now from the Camp Firefly SVG Kit  from SVG Cuts and I can't wait to share those! Hopefully, I can get those pics posted in a more timely manner. Hopefully.

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