Sunday, April 20, 2014

Long time no post!

It's been almost a month since I've had the opportunity to post anything on here. It's been a very busy month! Since the weather has started to act more like spring, it's time to get all the winter paraphernalia packed away and get ready for summer! In my family we live in two seasons. Summer and winter. Spring and fall seem to be the seasons where we just kind "float". In the spring it's prep for summer work/play and in the fall it's prep for winter work/play. This summer is going to be busier than usual too. We have 2 family functions to get ready for. One in June and one in August. Yikes!

I will definitely have to post more pics afterwards, but I wanted to take a moment and share at least a few things. Also I didn't take the time (like I had any to spare) to stage any of this. I finished the project, took the picture with my phone, and moved on to something else. Total bummer, because I really love these files to begin with and if I do say so myself (and I do) they turned out pretty cute! These pictures don't do them any justice.

I had been wanting to make this lantern for awhile. I really don't NEED a reason to make anything, but considering space is at a premium in our house, I think it's best to not take up every available space with my paper creations. Someday I will have a room all to myself....Anyway moving on! The lantern is from the Stars and Stripes SVG kit by SVG Cuts. I just love it! I know I know, I love everything from SVG Cuts. How can you not? I can think of soo many ways to dress these up! The butterfly is from the High Skies SVG kit, also from SVG Cuts. This is my go to butterfly, I think. It's a simple cut over all, but I think that's what I like best about it. 
Here is a close up of the pretty lil butterfly. I made 10 lanterns and 4 different colored butterflies. The colors I chose  are to match the color theme for this particular function in June. I removed the stars that are in the original file of the lantern and left the lantern top and panels solid. I then embossed the panels to add a lil bit of texture.

As I said, as soon as I can (hopefully soon) I will post more pics and details about all of the groovy things I've done! I'm pretty proud of myself, for not only getting it all done by myself, but also for getting them done ahead of time. No waiting till the last minute for this chickie!
These beauties are gifts for some ladies that will be at our gathering in June. The boxes are from Playful Parlour SVG kit and the tags are a FREEBIE. Both are from SVG Cuts. I had to resize the tags so they wouldn't look so big attached to the boxes. I wanted to post more pics on these, and I'd really like to stage them, also I want to be able to share what I did to the inside as well. However since I'm sure some of the recipients look at my blog, I'll keep those a secret for now. 
I try to post whenever a new kit has launched, on SVG Cuts, but I've been so busy that I'm so behind! There have been 2 fabulous kits launched since I posted last! Currently the Seaside SVG Kit is FREE with a minimum purchase of $9.98. GO check them out!!!

Seaside SVG Kit from SVG Cuts
Fun and Games SVG Kit from SVG Cuts
I've done 2 of the baseball hats. I need to get the logos finished for them, but those hats are off the hook! Talk about easy and it's definitely a "that's seriously made out of paper?" kind of project! I can't wait to make the lighthouse. What a lovely file!

I totally feel like I've just thrown this post together. It's almost like when you have company stopping by in like the next 5 minutes and you need to make your house look presentable. Oh well, more to come!

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