Monday, July 14, 2014

Christmas in July!

Now that Independence Day is past, it's time for Christmas! Well Christmas in July anyway. SVG Cuts launched a new kit yesterday. It's a Christmas Box Cards SVG Kit. There are definitely lots of folks that like to get a head start on their Christmas cards. Personally, I'm a "last minute, need to get my act together STAT" kinda girl, but I can appreciate the idea behind starting early. That being said, I'm gonna give myself big fat kudos, because I did purchase this kit today and not at Christmas time. Go me! It well definitely be closer to Christmas before I even think about making any of these, but they are really adorable and are a must for anyone's stash. So go get it!

As always, the kit is free with a purchase of $9.98 or more for a limited time!

Christmas Box Cards SVG Kit

My Sister-in-law's birthday was last week, so I needed to make her a card. Sooo many choices! I had really been wanting to make either the Party Box Card from the Summer Box Cards SVG Kit or the one I ended up making I ended up making. See below.

This is the Birthday Chalkboard Card from the Dress Shop SVG Kit. It was really fun and easy to put together. It looks like you would have to place each letter individually, but you don't The way its designed, the light layer and the black layer go together and done! Even the stitching is a breeze!
I tweaked this a lil bit and I wanted to share the inside. The panel that goes with the kit normally doesn't have the tabs for a gift card. I used the Gift Card Insert out of the S'more Box file from the Camp Firefly SVG Kit. I ungrouped it, deleted the square (the actual panel), selected both tabs and regrouped them. I then moved the tabs where I wanted them on the card panel. Then, I selected both the panel and the tabs and grouped those as well. I actually had another sentiment planned for the panel, but had to change it (my stamp broke). The gift card tabs should've actually gone the other direction, so the gift card would go in horizontally. Oh well, no big. 

 I also wanted to give a big shout out to Jamie Cripps (Bits of Paper). I'm a pretty die hard SVG Cuts fan, but I have a ton of her files. I don't use them nearly enough! This is her 3D Lisianthus Flower. I've made this before and I will definitely use them again and again. She has loads of flowers (among other things) in the Silhouette Online Store, but this one is my favorite. Make it any size you want, it comes out lovely every time!

3D Lisianthus Flower

So that's it for now. I'm working on a couple of projects. I had planned on making a baby gift for a friend of mine when her son was born in December. With one thing or another and absolutely NO inspiration, it just didn't happen. I bought the paper! I knew I had that much, but that's it. Another friend of mine had her baby the other day! Not only is she a girl (she has 2 boys already), but she was born on her Grandma's birthday. My friend's Mom passed away from cancer last year, so this is a really big deal! I generally shy away from scrapbooking, but I've got a plan for the Baby Scrapbook Page from the Tiny Miracles SVG Kit. This has also given me an idea what I want to do for my friend's son. I will be sure to share when there done!

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