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Product Review: Arteza Watercolor Real Brush Pens

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In today's video, I'm sharing a product review. I am taking a look at Arteza Real Brush Pens, Arteza Watercolor Paper and a set of Arteza Water Brushes.

First things first. I need to tell you that while Arteza sent me these products for review, all opinions in this review are mine and mine alone. Also, I'm not getting paid FOR the review, but Arteza has provided me with an affiliate link which I earn a small commission, should you shop the affiliated Arteza links (at no cost to you) in this blog or on my Youtube Channel.

Here's the deal folks. I won't share anything on my blog or channel if I don't like it or love it. I'm willing to try anything that is sent to me, but if I'm not feeling it you won't see it. So this should be a good indication of where I'm going with today's post. That being said, I have some info to share on this particular product. So here we go.

I was sent the 24 Pack of the Arteza WATERCOLOR REAL BRUSH Pens, a set of 6 WATER BRUSHES and Two packs of Arteza 32 sheets WATERCOLOR PAPER. I go over loads of info in the video folks. More than what I can put here so do be sure to check it.

You can watch the video on how I made my cards HERE. You can also click on the thumbnail link below.

If you've ever used Zig Clean Color REAL BRUSH Pens, then the first thing you notice about the Arteza Pens is that the barrels are longer than Zigs. In don't know that's necessarily important however. I don't know how much product is in either one, so while one may be longer, they may have the same amount of product in both. Let's be honest. For a typical card maker, both are going to last for ages.

Since receiving these I have seen Arteza pens with numbers on them. Mine didn't have anything like that, so I made my own numbering system. After I took them out of the box, I left them in the trays and starting with the first tray, I worked left to right and numbered them one through twenty four. I used a standard office hole punch, punched out a sticker from a sheet of labeling paper and stuck it to the lid of the pen. Then I wrote the number on it. I also took each pen and colored in the sticker so I would have a swatch on the lid of each pen. Pretty easy.

I talk in the VIDEO about how I swatched each color out on the Arteza WATERCOLOR Paper.

I wanted to do a project with these to get a better idea how these compare to the Zig Clean Color REAL BRUSH Pens so I die cut some tags. I used the tag from the Wplus9 LOVE SHOWERS LAYERS Dies. The I used the Hero Arts HUMMINGBIRDS in Versafine ONYX BLACK and heat embossed them with Hero Arts CLEAR Embossing Powder. I know I just recently shared a project for A BLOG NAMED HERO where I used this stamp set, but I had filmed this review before that post. Plus these Hummingbirds folks? How can you not love these???

I'd like to note. These flowers are Columbine's. I know they have petals that stick out and I know they're not leaves. I like to make them look like leaves because that's what my creative brain says to do. You can color in your flowers anyway you like, this is just what I like to do.

 The first and second pic in this post is the tag using the Arteza PENS. On the first one I used the Small Fine Tip Arteza WATERBRUSH and the second, I used a #2 Black Velvet SILVER Brush. So far from what I can tell the Water Brush works great. There wasn't any fraying at the tip and I felt like I had a decent amount of control for a water brush.

The only reason I used compared the Silver Brush to the Arteza Brush is I don't use water brushes a whole lot. I prefer to have more control like you can get with a traditional brush. For me, I wanted to see if the Arteza Brush was something I would reach for compared to my Silver Brushes. Yes. Yes I would. The #2 Silver was just a wee bit finer, of course, but the Arteza had a nice fine tip, I could get a decent amount of water control and I couldn't tell in the finished look. 

I talk more about the Arteza WATERCOLOR Paper in the VIDEO, but I really liked this paper. This seemed to hold up really well to a decent amount of water. I didn't see any pilling which I really dig. I typically see pilling when I use water brushes for watercoloring. I have since use the Arteza Paper on a couple of projects since I filmed this review and I still feel the same way.

If you're familiar with Simon Says Stamp CREAM Cardstock, that will give you a good idea of what the color of the Arteza Paper is like. I found that they were pretty much identical. If fact, I used the Cream Cardstock to create top folding notecards to adhere my tags to. You could just leave them as a simple tag, but I like to have little notecards on hand. I have a Hero Arts VIDEO where I show how I make this type of notecard if your interested.

On my third tag, I used the Zig Clean Color REAL BRUSH Pens. While I swatched the Tombow DUAL BRUSH Pens in the VIDEO for color comparison, I decided not to make a project with them for this review. I simply wanted to see how the Arteza's compared to the Zig's since they are the closest in terms of size, shape, and brush tips. 

I think the Zig's were just a teensy bit more vibrant, but as far as the finished look, if you didn't know, you wouldn't know. Ya know what I mean. I could tell a difference in the two when I colored with them however.

With Arteza, when I brought clean water to the color it didn't bloom like the Zig's. Also when I would wipe off my water brush on a paper towel the Arteza's didn't leave color behind like the Zig's. They also didn't stain my water brush. I talk about a few other minor things in the VIDEO. I talk about how I finish all three tags as well.

The Arteza's are perfect if you want more control in your coloring or if you're new to this type of watercoloring.

Over all, I'm really pleased with these products and I WOULD recommend them. The price pints are awesome too, so you really can't beat it. I also have a discount to share with you. Arteza will give you 10% off your order using code: EUU-CVU-407

That's it!

I hope you enjoyed my tags today! DISCOVER more projects on my Youtube Channel. Do be sure to subscribe if you haven't and also tap that notification bell so you don't miss any future videos. As always Thanks So Much for stopping by!

Until next time.

If you're interested in any of the products I've used, I have links (some affiliate links) throughout and at the end of the post. Click HERE to read my full disclosure policy.

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