Sunday, April 19, 2015

In The Meantime...

Hi folks!

Today I would like to share some cards I made a couple of weeks ago and I have a couple of announcements to make.

First, SVG Cuts launched a new kit a couple of days ago. Ridiculous cute of course! It's free for a limited time with a purchase of $9.98 or more. Go check it out!
Spring Blossoms SVG Kit.
Also, Noel Mignon has kit subscriptions open now for July through December. I don't know when she will quit taking them, but now is the time to check out her amazing kits, if you haven't already. If you have and would like to continue, now is the time do so!
Noel Mignon 6 month Classic Kit Subscription. July - December 2015

I actually hadn't planned on posting these cards, but my craft room flooded yesterday, so I figured while I was waiting for the floors to dry, I would share.

The damage in my room is minimal. Thank goodness! A couple of my cabinets are ruined and the floor is completely trashed, but fortunately ALL of my paper is safe. I knew the risk of having a craft room in a basement so I was smart enough to invest in plastic storage for all of my paper. What I have invested in paper is a small fortune, and sometimes that can be the hardest thing to replace if it gets ruined. I tell ya, 3 inches of standing water is enough to make anyone have a panic attack and start sobbing. Fortunately, my husband is like the fastest man alive and had the wet vac out in a flash. So between that and much swearing and crying on my part, we got it cleaned up pretty quick and I'm cool now. Kind of. He said he finds it interesting that if there's an emergency with any of the kids, I'm always cool, calm and collected, but I see a "little bit" of water in my craft room and I crack. I told him to lie down before he hurts himself. 

If you're interested in any of the products I've used, I have thumbnail links at the end of the post!

Ok so, out of the first three cards only one of them was on purpose. I haven't a clue what my problem was, but I started one and I would get part way down and I would drop my stamp block on the paper. Ya know AFTER I put ink on the stamp. Wouldn't you know it, it would land stamp side down, right in the middle of the panel. So I had to start over. Second time, same thing, different part of the panel. By the time I got to my third attempt, I was hanging on to that block for dear life! Hey, my middle name is not Grace. Sheesh. Not one to waste anything, I trimmed off the good sections and made them in to cards too!

This card is inspired by one that Jennifer McGuire did. You can watch her video here. In her video, she was using the new Ranger Dye Inks. For my card, I used the new Lawn Fawndamentals Ink Pads by Lawn Fawn. I chose this for inspiration, because this is a really great way to try out a series of new inks in one place. Plus, it looks groovy. To really play around, I also pulled out some stamps that I hadn't used yet. I was going for a masculine look, but I don't know. I struggle with masculine. I gave this to my Grandpa for his birthday and he wouldn't tell me if he thought it was girly. These Inks? The colors are off the hook. I love every one of them and I've started using them quite a bit.

This is the first one I tried to make before I wiped out. Clearly, I didn't make it far...I'm loving this stamp set by Technique Tuesday. This is called Say It 2 - Fabulous. Although I didn't use it on this card (you can see one here), I absolutely LOVE that Technique Tuesday offers digital die cuts to coordinate with their stamps. oh and call me crazy, but there is something very satisfying about smoothing down a strip from a Ranger Foil Sheet on to a piece of paper.

This would be my second attempt. I made it a lil bit further at least. I feel like I never use my embossing folders anymore, so I thought I'd show one some love and emboss the back panel. The ribbon on both this and the card in the pic above is from my January Noel Mignon kit. One of the really great things about her kits is she always give you plenty to work with and the majority can be used past the current month. Can you say stash?

Shortly after I made those three I received my order of the new Ranger Dye Ink Pads so I thought I'd use the same technique to check out the new inks. I really love the colors in this line too. This picture does not do them justice. They are very eye catching in real life. The one thing I noticed about these compared to all of the other inks I own is that they really grab on to the stamp. I'm not talking about staining, I mean a lot of my inks I can just wipe the stamp off with a baby wipe and usually be good to go. These inks however, I have to be sure to clean them with my stamp cleaner. That being said, there were a couple of stamps I used (I won't mention brands) that not a single ink I own will stick to it unless I rub an eraser across it first. Bummer.

Well that's it for now folks! I am so exhausted from dealing with my room, I'm seeing double.

Until next time!

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