Thursday, October 2, 2014

You've Been Boo'd!!!

Have you ever heard of Boo'ing? I had, but never had the time nor the inclination to participate. After discussing the idea with my girls (I wanted their thoughts as I was going to make, I mean ask, them deliver them with me) we decided we should do it!

More on that in a second though.

SVG Cuts launched a new kit yesterday! It's called the Fright Night SVG Kit. I literally just downloaded it. Everything about this kit is adorable! Be sure to check it out!

Fright Night SVG Kit.

Ok, for those that don't know what it means to BOO, let me explain. You make (or buy, whatever floats your boat) a box, bag or container, and add treats of some kind to it. You also include, some sort of sign that says "We've Been Booed" and instructions for what they need to do next. Then you secretly deliver it to them. They then have 2 days to do the same thing to two more neighbors. It's actually a really simple idea. You can start with one or two, it's up to you. The girls decided I should make two. Which then, if they get into the spirit with us, two will turn into four and so on. I love that you can make this a simple or as big as you want to. What we have been pondering however is, what happens if this does catch on and we get Booed? Hmmm....

I did put just a lil bit of work into ours. I figured since I have the ability and the means and since I'm the one kicking this off (fingers crossed), why not get my craft on and share with the neighbors! Both boxes, aside from colors, they are the same. Read on.

Oh and as usual it's all SVG Cuts. 

I needed something big enough to fit the sign (check out the link at the bottom) I made for each of these. There were several possibilities, but in the end I decided on the Gable Box from the Classic Gift Boxes SVG Kit for a couple reasons. First off it would be nice and sturdy. Secondly it had a handle and would be easy to carry. I could see me sneaking around in the dark trying to secretly deliver something a lil more fragile and hard to carry...ha ha, just kidding, I really can't.  
The paper I used  on both boxes is Teresa Collins Masquerade Party. This is a really fun stack! I have the stamps that go with the paper as well, I just haven't used them. Yet. I got mine from
The Crow is the Curious Crow SVG and is one of the FREE files. I don't think I use any of the freebies enough, so I wanted to show this guy some love for a change. All of the Roses are the same Rose from the Indian Corn Box file out of the Fall Harvest SVG Kit. I cut them in 3 different sizes.  
The orange and black panels on the front of the boxes are some that I cut with my paper trimmer. I wanted something to break up the stripes and the dots, so this was my answer. I did this one first and glued it onto the box, then did the second one. I decided when I was ready to do the second one I wanted to emboss it (see below). The Flourished Bat is from the Gothic Flourishes SVG Collection. It's the bat3 file. The Happy Halloween phrase is in the Happy Halloween Card folder in the Maple Manor SVG Kit. 
These 3D letters that spell out EEK are from the Catacomb Manor SVG Kit and they are in the Tall EEK Bag file. 
The Pumpkin is from the Gatefold Card file in the Toil and Trouble SVG Kit.  The Bat is from the Elmhurst Hollow SVG Kit in the Extras Folder. Also, another Rose from the Fall Harvest SVG Kit.

This is the Small Coffin Box from the Elmhurst Hollow SVG Kit.  I was going to just put the candy inside the Gable Box and call it good, but I used a wad of black spider web to line the bottom, so I thought it's be better to contain the candy. This box is super easy to put together, so it was worth it!
I didn't add a lot of candy. Having no idea what people like (if they like anything), I thought it was best to keep the candy to a minimum and put in random Halloween stuff instead. The paper that is rolled up and tied is the copy of the We've Been Booed sign and the instructions.  Don't ask me why, but the orange and black chevron tissues make me happy! Hey, there is nothing wrong about being festive even when blowing your nose. The witch's hat is a photo prop that came out of a package I got at Walmart. 
In the effort to creep on our neighbors by October 1st, it was almost 10 p.m. last night when I got these done. My kids go to bed by 10 on school night, so in the rush to get pics taken and get our Boo'ing done, I forgot to take a picture of the signs I made to go in the boxes. This is the PDF I printed from Anna & Blue. There are tons all over the internet, but I really liked this one. After I printed these, I cut them out by hand (GASP!!) and glued one on each side of a piece of thick chipboard, that I also cut out by hand. I glued a piece of ribbon in between the instructions and the chipboard so they could hang it up, then I hot glued a strip of black cord around it to hide the edges.

 I have to say, I really enjoyed this whole thing! It was great to not only get crafty and make the box and gather the treats to go in it, but the delivery was outrageous fun too! By 10 p.m. on our street it's really dark and quiet. There are no street lamps because there isn't a need for them and while not everyone is in bed asleep at that time, everyone is definitely settled in for the night. I suppose you could wait until your recipients are asleep, but we think part of the excitement was trying to deliver these and not get caught. The girls and I made a point of spreading them out to different ends of the street, so that only added to it. The girls thought it was the best thing EVER to watch their Mom sneak onto the neighbors porch and almost get caught doing it. I even took off my shoes! When we left our house to go do this my youngest swore she was only along for the ride. When it was time for the second box, she surprised both her sister and I by INFORMING us she was going to do it. By the time we got home we had the giggles and would have done more if we could have! While it's still difficult to say if this will get any traction, we had a blast and we will do it again next year for sure!

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