Sunday, October 5, 2014

Princess Castle Box Card

I've managed to get 3 projects posted in less than 2 weeks! Go me! Maybe the excitement I feel is only because I hadn't posted anything in like a month before this.

Anyway...Our niece's birthday was last week and we missed it. It's horrible. My husband can never be counted on to remember these kinds of things and I'm usually really good about it, but somehow this one got passed me. My husband will see her tomorrow, so I wanted to make sure I made her something I know she would be over the moon for. She LOVES the whole princess gig, so I know she'll love this.

There isn't a lot to say about this project. It kinda speaks for itself, so this will be a quick one! 

This is the Princess Castle Box Card from SVG Cuts. It's in the Box Cards SVG Kit.  You can't ask for something more cute or easy to make. 
I can think of so many different ways this could be done and not just for a girl. 
I wanted to make this fairly dimensional, so there are pop dots under almost everything. I just love it! I wish I could be there to see the look on her face!
I'm not super happy with how this turned out, but hey, the recipient is 4 years old. I'm pretty sure she's not going to care too much about the back anyway. 

Well that's it. Pretty simple! Hopefully I haven't missed anything else important, because I really need to work on my kid's costumes.

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