Thursday, April 4, 2019

Now On Patreon! Copic and Colored Pencil Coloring - Power Poppy Gladioli Digital Stamp

Hey folks!

Today on PATREON we're taking on the Power Poppy GLADIOLI Digital Stamp. When I first started coloring with Copic's I would have looked at this image, saw all the bends and folds in the illustration and said no way, now how. Then I would have dived in head first and done it anyway. It's what I do.

It took me a long to to realize that the easiest way would be to simplify. We look at images like this and we think "I can't do that." or "I wish I could color that." ooorrr.....what I hear all the time, "I wish 
I could color like you." We get stuck on the unimportant things.

Here's the deal folks. What most people don't know is that A) Yes they can, B) Yes you can and C) I'm not special. Yes. Yes. There's lots of techniques and and things to think about for successful coloring and I may know all of this, but there's one thing folks don't realize. At some point you need to stop thinking. You plan, but then you take out the insignificant details and you simplify.

Listen. I love realism and I love to put lots of time and attention in to what I make, but I also like to be realistic and I like to be realistic because I like to have the time to do what I do. I like to teach you guys how to start coloring and sometimes starting is all about learning how to simplify. 
It's goes without saying that the irony in today's video on PATREON is it's much longer than our usual videos. I'm talking about simplifying and here we are with a longer video. I promise I haven't lost my mind. There are other things we're going to go over today and I want you to be able to see this from beginning to end.

Today I'll be teaching you:
  • Where to start?
  • Planning ahead.
  • Why I chose my color palette.
  • How dark your Copic shade color really needs to be.
  • Simplifying shapes.
  • Grounding your images.
  • Pink vs. White pencil.
  • The details are in the pencils.

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    Until next time.

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