Thursday, November 22, 2018

Now Available On Patreon!! Copic's & Colored Pencils with Power Poppy Poinsettia And Pomegranate Digital Stamp

Hey folks!

In today's video on PATREON, I'm sharing another digital stamp and it's a big one! Today I am Copic Coloring the Power Poppy Poinsettia and Pomegranates Digital Stamp and I'm super stoked to share it with you! 
I'm also going to touch on a few points concerning color choices and the difference between coloring large images versus smaller images, choosing warms and cools in the same color family and other information.
I hope you enjoy my project today! DISCOVER more projects on my Youtube Channel. Do be sure to subscribe if you haven't and also tap that notification bell so you don't miss any future videos. As always Thanks So Much for stopping by!
Until next time.

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