Friday, March 1, 2019

Easy Cherry Blossom Coloring with Tiddly Inks Cherry Blossoms

Hey folks!

Although most folks associate cherry blossoms with Japan, they can actually be found in some other incredible places. Macon, Georgia holds the record for the most cherry blossom trees, but you may be surprised to know that Jerte Valley, SPAIN has over two million of them. What a sight that would be! 

For my project today I'll be coloring Tiddly Inks CHERRY BLOSSOMS Digital Stamp. I love the simplicity of this image and I thinks it would be an excellent stamp for practicing both Copic's and colored pencils! 

You can watch the video on how I made my cards HEREYou can also click the thumbnail link below.

I printed the CHERRY BLOSSOMS on X-Press It BLENDING Card at 150% the default size. I wanted it large enough to fit within my frame, but you could easily print this for an A2 sized card.

There are plenty of species you can reference when choosing colors folks, but I loved the idea of pink with a more reddish pink center like the Kanzakura species. To get that deeper red center, I started with an R35, then started blending with a RV13. Never tried these two together before? Check out the VIDEO, but I also encourage you to try it on your own. It's fab!

Cherry blossom trees were introduced into the United States in 1912 as a symbol of friendship from JAPAN, but a picture or card with the CHERRY BLOSSOMS Digital Stamp would make an excellent gift for a friend!

While I didn't color entire tree, I did have to color this single branch. The image itself is big enough to color, but not so big I needed to worry about adding a ton of detail to it. The branches on some species of cherry blossom trees have a deep purple shade to them. Almost black. To keep things simple, I stuck with E29, E25, E23 and E21. I did use the Prismacolor BLACK GRAPE in my shading though!

You can see and hear all the deets about this on PATREON folks!

I pulled my inspiration of coloring the stamen from the CHERRY BLOSSOMS that are planted around the TIDAL BASIN area in Washington D.C. These have a white stamen with a yellow-green anther. I didn't want the stamen to stand out so much so I used a Prismacolor WHITE pencil. I did want the anthers to pop a wee bit. For those I used a Uni Ball Signo WHITE Gel Pen.

The blooming of the cherry blossom trees is so popular in that the Parks Service has a horticulturist in charge of pinpointing the date in which they will BLOOM! Who would have thought?

That's it!

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