Friday, October 12, 2018

No Line Coloring with Altenew Happy Heart

Hey folks!

In today's video I'm sharing a card with no line coloring and the oh so lovely Altenew Happy Heart Stamp Set. The fine lines of this stamp set would look great in black but I love the look of no line and I love the freedom to do what I want as I color. ALSO. I have an announcement to make so stay tuned for that!

You can watch the video on how I made my cards HEREYou can also click the thumbnail link below.

Ever since I saw the Altenew HAPPY HEART Stamp Set, I knew I wanted these gorgeous flowers colored in red. Do you ever do that? See something and you just know what color it should be? I do it all the time. In fact, here's a lil secret folks. Most of the time when I choose what I want to color, I choose it because of the color I see. It's my favorite way to color!

I stamped all of the images on Xpress-It Blending CARD with Inkon3 FADEOUT Ink. If you guys haven't tried this ink, I highly recommend it. I also made sure to cut out masks with Simon Says Stamp MASKING Paper of all of the images I stamped.

For the ink blending, I used Altenew Inks in LAGOON, VOLCANO LAKE and MOUNTAIN MIST. Be sure to watch the VIDEO folks, I have a tip on using new blending foams that helps a bunch!

Before I pulled off the masks I splattered some Wplus9 SHIMMER Mist across the panel. I made sure not to let the mist soak through those masks, so I blotted the mist up with a paper towel and pulled the masks fairly quickly.

I also talk in the VIDEO about how I colored in the sprigs with STEADTLER Fineliner Pens. This sis a great technique and super easy!
Okey dokey. So I really love the feedback that I get from you all on my channel folks. You folks are the reason why I do this so it's always super great to hear what you guys like and what you want to see from me. 

Here's the deal. It's not always feasible for me to bring you the real-time videos on YouTube that I would like to. YouTube can be a funny place folks. Don't get me wrong! Doing videos for you all every week is my jam! I love it. Again, you're all the reason I'm here, but some of you want #alltherealtime some of you not so much. That's totally fine. Then there is the issue of the time and resources it takes for me to do this. 


I've been looking for a way to make it work and I think I've figured it out. Soooo...two weeks from today, I've got something I want to share with you. For starters, I'm going to open it up to everyone. I want to give you ALL the opportunity to check it out. If you like it/love it, great, if not that's cool too!  I STILL LOVE YOU! My Youtube channel isn't going to change folks. Every week I'm still going to be there to bring you my absolute best, just as I always try to do!

That's it!

I hope you enjoyed my project today! DISCOVER more projects on my Youtube Channel. Do be sure to subscribe if you haven't and also tap that notification bell so you don't miss any future videos. As always Thanks So Much for stopping by!

Until next time.

If you're interested in any of the products I've used, I have links (some affiliate links) throughout and at the end of the post. Click HERE to read my full disclosure policy.


  1. Sue this is just so beautiful, stunning. Love the colouring of the flowers and the background colouring creating that boxed corner look. I have this stamp set but could never imagine getting the same detail as you. I look at your red colouring and it just blows me away. Whenever I colour with red it looks ok but always seems to bleed even though I use the correct card stock etc I just cant seem to get this clean sharp look you have. Obviously I need to work on it as you say, practice builds that skill.

    1. Thank you so much! Definitely stayed tuned for the next couple of weeks. I'm going to be talking about colors and papers! :)

  2. Cynde, this is absolutely gorgeous. I have no audio right now but watched it anyway as you are such an amazing teacher. Love your card and I certainly appreciate all of the content you share.

    1. Boooo!!! I'm so sorry to hear you don't have any audio! Thanks so much for watching it anyway though! I'm so glad you enjoy it! :)


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