Friday, October 26, 2018

Copic Coloring Digital Stamps - Power Poppy Sunflower Power Digital Stamp + Patreon

Hey folks!
Taking I'm introducing The Pink Envelope on PATREON! I'm so excited to be there!
I get lots of request for real time coloring on YouTube. A. LOT. I love it, but it's not always feasible for me to do that there. Tons of time and energy go in to this process folks and while I love my job and I love to teach you guys, I simply can't afford to put out major content like that for free. I purchase 99% of the products I use out of my own pocket and since I don't work for any company, no-one is paying me for my time. Again. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what I do, but my life unfortunately isn't a rock ballad. Love alone is not that answer. So for you folks that want more, here ya go! For you folks that are perfectly happy to just hang with me on YouTube, I look forward to it! Nothing will change there.

Speaking of YT...I had planned to be completely up and running today, however YT is broken. At least my YT is broken. There are some bugs and issues floating around in YouTube land. It's not across the board and not everyone is affected by it, but mine is. I can't publish anything. Booo...
So here we are! While we wait for YT to get their act together, I thought I still share with you what I'm going to offer you fine folks here on PATREON.
Today, I'm sharing a sneak of my first project. It will be a doozy folks! My first project will be Copic Coloring Digital Stamps and I'm going to be using the Power Poppy SUNFLOWER POWER Digital Stamp. With Christmas approaching it is time to get crackin on gifts and this year I will be making 8x10 prints for framing.
Since this is my first video for PATREON, when it goes live, it will be available to EVERYONE! Forever. How's that for a warm welcome?

Also. Since my technical problems aren't your problem, Today, I'm also going to share with you the PDF that will be available for the SUNFLOWER POWER project. This way you can have a head start gathering the goods in case you'd like to color along with me. Fingers crossed next week!

While you're there, do be sure check out the available options I have for pledging. You can pledge any time. Or not. I still love you!
That's it!
I hope you enjoy this and as always thanks so much for stopping by!
Until next time!

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