Wednesday, April 22, 2015

For A Friend

Recently we found out that someone dear to us has Cancer. She's had a few surgeries and she will start chemo, but there is a complication and she will not survive it. This is for her. 

I'm not going to link this to any social media sites and I won't link to any products. I just want to put this out there. I want to come across this someday and see this card I made for her. I want to remember what a lovely person she was. She will be missed. 

Her granddaughter and my daughter have been best friends since the 6th grade. I cannot say how heart breaking it is to look a 17 year in the face and watch her struggle to remain stoic. I cry for her.

Usually when you give someone something, you like to hope that they will keep it forever. Things happen in life and generally no one knows what the future holds. What if you do know what the future holds? How much more heartbreaking is it when you know that your gift is going to out live the recipient?

I can think of several things I would like to change if I could do it again, but ya know what? I won't. She can't go back and change anything, so neither will I. Besides, this will bring a smile to her face, just as it is. That to me, makes it perfect.

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