Monday, February 24, 2014

Table Lamp

I'm pretty sure I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but I am so SICK of snow. I know Mother Nature is supposed to know what she's doing and all, but seriously! I guess we'll have a mild fire season this summer here in Montana...I say this however, in a sad attempt to look at the bright side of shoveling snow everyday and icy roads. Yet, I will shovel snow off our back porch in my house slippers. Right.

I've been wanting to make the table lamp from the Maison de Madeline SVG kit from SVG Cuts ever since I got it. In fact, it is the reason I bought the kit to begin with. I've been putting it off, because while I have all of theses ideas as to what I wanted to do with it, none of them really made me happy so I've waited. Then the Honeybee Tea SVG kit came out last week! I made the tea pot right away, of course, but that honeybee had been floating around my brain since I saw it. So cute. I really dig the laurels on the front of the card too. 

It's kind of hard to tell in the picture, but I made the table lamp 150% bigger than the original file size. It's pretty big. The original size should be 8.5" tall finished, but I wanted bigger so I could use the laurels without reducing their size. It's now 14.5" tall. I'm sure the laurels are fairly easy shapes to cut at any size, but I liked them they way they were. I made the honey bee a tad bit bigger, however. Now that's definitely a shape that can get a lil tricky. In fact, the reason the honeybee and laurels are done in suede paper is because I had a heck of a time getting it to cut with anything else. I have a new blade in my machine, but my mat has seen better days. It's got a little life left in it so I couldn't justify buying a new one to cut a couple of bees. 
I now have 6 honeybees with tattered wings in my stash. I can't bring myself to throw them in the garbage. I haven't decided if that makes me thrifty or a hoarder. I say thrifty, but I may be a lil biased. Or I'm in denial. Either way, I'm cool with it. 
There's actually more to say about what I didn't add (see photo below) to this project than what I did. 
I had this idea that I was going to put all of these flowers on it. I really love how they turned out too. It's just that after I got them all done and starting to try to figure out how I wanted them on there, it just wasn't clicking for me. So I will add these to my stash along with the honeybees. Oh, but I did try two new files that weren't from SVG Cuts! The poppy is from the Silhouette Online Store. The jury is still out for me on this one. I'm not entirely unhappy with it, but I wanted something with a lil bit more texture I guess. I'm looking for a poppy that will stand out like the other flowers do. The peony is from the Lush Flowers SVG Collection from Fleurette Bloom. All of the other flowers are from SVG Cuts. The darker pink flowers are from Mom's Garden Gifts out of the Gift Box file. The pink and white and purple and white flowers are from Memory Garden Designer Page in the Blossoms Page file. The roses are from the Crush On You Boxes SVG kit, and the solid light pink and light purple are from Love Always in the extra folder.
I had gotten the idea to check out Fleurette Bloom's files after seeing some of them on Chan's Crafty Things blog. Her blog is worth checking out BTW, she's a pretty talented girl! I thought the files she used looked pretty cool and I wanted to try a something different, so I bought that Lush Flowers Collection to start with. I thought the price was pretty reasonable. It was $5.99 for the collection and it came with 8 cutting files and a PDF. 

In the end I decided to just leave it basic. I added purple rhinestones to the laurels and lil purple bows and called it a day.  My family keeps telling me that the honeybee looks like a fly because it's done in black, but whatever. In my world it looks like a honeybee!
 I do want to add one more thing about the Maison de Madeline SVG kit. My mother-in-law loves roosters, so at Christmas when I was making gifts, I knew I wanted to make her something rooster related. I wanted to make her something that would last forever, so I made her this picture. 

I reduced the files a tiny bit to get them to fit in the frame. Then, I simply took the rooster card from the kit and cut off half with my cutting tool on my Silhouette and then cut out all the pieces like usual. I assembled everything using pop dots to add dimension, over a sheet of burlap and then put them in a 8"x10" shadow box frame. Easy! The tag says HOME SWEET HOME. I ended up making her two of them. They mirror each other, otherwise they are identical.

SVG cuts launched a new kit day before yesterday! It's called Good Day at the Office. As usual it's off the hook! Typewriter made out of paper? Yeah, thats rock n' roll... Before I make anything out of that though, I have an idea, that I have to get out of my head! It involves another teapot, but it's all good, cause a girl can never have too many of those!

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